(UPDATE) I did a second part to this concept with model Soowan Bramble.


I am always coming across gorgeous macro photos of glitter, and being a portrait photographer I wanted to incorporate glitter (a lot of glitter) into a portrait series. The model, Sarah, was a real trooper! Pretty sure she will be sparkling for the next few years. Gianna Barcant did an amazing job with the glitter placement and use of different textured gems on Sarah’s face.

For those wondering about the light set up, I used natural light as the main light, and three gelled strobes at different positions behind her for the colour effect. Shot with a 50mm 1.8 lens. Glitter sprinkled in front of her for the pieces that you see floating around (lots of it ended up in her mouth, oops) , and a fan for the hair motion.




Gianna applying glitter to Sarah’s face.

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