Youtube channel now up!

Hey guys, my YouTube channel is up! Please subscribe to see new videos that I’ll be adding soon. Behind-the-scenes stuff, work-in-progress thingies, and I’ll finally be getting around to that question / answer bit.

For now, here is a high-speed progression video of my latest painting. Enjoy!



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A trip back in time

When my mind goes completely blank with ideas, I look at paintings, and I am completely inspired by tones, light , and composition. For a long time I have wanted to create a set that mimics the style of an old, classic oil painting, and I finally got my team together to create my first personal photo-shoot for the year.

Gianna Barcant did an exceptional job on the makeup (I’ve been saying for a long time that I am so sick of black eye-liner this and fake eyelashes that and she heard me loud and clear). When we looked at Sarah after the makeup was complete, she was a living painting with her clean, matte skin. Emily Quesnel styled the two wigs on her head, and Gianna and I had fun popping things into the mass of hair. It’s always a great pleasure working with these ladies, not to mention a model (Sarah Jane Waddell) who can stand hours upon hours of suffocating in a Marie Antoinette costume.






In other news: I have a fashion retouch tutorial in the latest Advanced Photoshop Magazine (issue 94). Check it out!


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